This year Team GUESO is taking part in the charity rally “Knights of the Island” which is organised by the Superlative Adventure Club.


Starting in Brussels in May 2019 we will take an adventures tour through England, Wales and Scotland. In our old-school Mercedes-Benz rally vehicle we will conquer castles, visit Nessy, enjoy Sheppards Pie and discover this beautiful island with its extraordinary pub culture. To make this adventure even more exciting there is a codex for every participant:


- No GPS

- No navigation systems

- No highways/motorways


We are well prepared with good old-fashioned maps, reusable coffee mugs and tapes from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Yes, tapes!


A big part of this rally is to collect money for a charity organisation. We have chosen the Deutsche Krebshilfe/German Cancer Aid. This is Germany’s leading non-governmental funding and non-profit-making organisation of oncology-related activities. The Deutsche Krebshilfe fights cancer by supporting research projects to improve prevention, diagnosis, therapy, after-care and self-help. 


Please help us collect money for this organisation by using the link at the end of this site to donate a few Euros (or more 😉 ). For very generous donations we will be happy to offer some space for advertisement or statements on our rally vehicle. Please email us at and we can talk about it 😊